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Meet Zach

I'm Zach, born and raised in Columbus, OH!
(yes, I'm a Buckeye fan #SorryNotSorry)
When I grew up, I wanted to be a rockstar!
We all see how that turned out...
so I settled for the next best thing.  Radio!

My passion is music.  I love shredding it up on
the electric, and smashing the double kick
whenever I get a chance on the drums.

I also LOVE sports.  In terms of sports Fandom,
I'm all over the place due to my family's power
of brainwashing and the lack of quality teams
in my home state.
NFL: Green Bay Packers
NBA: Houston Rockets
MLB: Chicago Cubs
NHL:  Columbus Blue Jackets
MLS:  Columbus Crew

When I'm not talking your ear off, you can
probably find me hanging out at a coffee
shop with friends or behind the camera at
some sort of sporting event. 

908 Military St. | Port Huron, MI 48060